February 22, 2009

happy little zucchini cupcakes!

thursday was my sisters birthday. her birthday request was zucchini cupcakes with lots of nuts but no frosting. i still didn't have a mixer (my old hand mixer died a few months ago and i have been mixing all my batters by hand) so i found an easy recipe that uses a cake mix and did not require a mixer (i'll post some exciting news about my mixer situation later today). check out this recipe because the blogger gives you some cool step by step pics that i love. i changed up the recipe a little by adding in lots of walnuts to the batter and leaving out the pistachio frosting glaze. 

happy little cupcakes waiting to be baked.

sneak peak.... (I made a small cake too with the extra cupcake batter)

finished.... but they felt necked without frosting. 

i made some fondant flowers and  m&m ladybugs for decoration. i stored the cupcakes overnight then dusted them with powder sugar and fondant decorations an hour before the party. the cupcakes were so moist that they absorbed the powder sugar immediately (i reapplied the sugar a few times but it still did not stick. buy the time i finished the cupcakes i was is such a hurry to leave i forgot to take some pictures. sorry!

i managed to take a few quick shots at the party but they did not come out too great.

here's one of my little nephew picking out his favorite. if you look behind the cupcakes you can see the mini cake i made too. by accident my nephew stepped in the cake! it had an impression of his little foot. we didn't eat it but it was sure cute to look at.

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