February 22, 2009

happy little cupcake goodies

over the weekend my husband and i went to visit his parents and grandma. they surprised me with all these wonderful goodies!

cupcake pin cushion made by grandma!

a kitchenaid mixer!!! can you believe it!! i really needed a mixer since my small handheld mixer broke. I dreamed about owning a kitchenaid and was filled with gratitude for this sweet gift. it belonged to grandma and she decided to give it to me because she was perfectly happy with her 15 year old little sunbeam mixer. i just love her for it and i am so excited to use it!

new cupcake cookbook.
we were hanging out at the bookstore and my mother in law bought me this cute cupcake book! it's called cupcake by pamela clark. i took a picture of the book up against my living room window and it came out looking like this. weird huh? It looks like i photoshopped it in the picture or something. i've looked through many many cupcake cookbooks and was really impressed with this one. it had a lot of different ideas i had never seen before like these....

i can't wait to try them all using my new kitchenaid!


  1. thanks for your comment!! We adore to make cupcakes and generate new ideas! here in Argentina this is a new product and we´re trying to do our best!!!

  2. Thanks for following my blog! Be sure to comment in the post to be in the running for the cupcake coin purse!

    I would love to own a Kitchenaid, and thankfully the Aussie government will help me with that! We will be getting a gov stimulus package and I am totally spending it on a Kitchenaid!
    Have fun baking with yours!

  3. You will LOVE your KitchenAid, I practically worship mine! What an adorable pin cushion as well.

  4. You're so lucky, and so loved! Keep whipping nice stuff!:)

  5. Love finding cupcakes books that I don't have. I added to my Amazon wish list. Enjoy your KA mixer. I absolutely love mine. ;)
    Clara @ iheartcuppycakes!

  6. Oh I have that cupcake book too! I love it!!!!!

  7. I'm excited to find your blog. My Best Friend is having a cupcake themed Birthday party and so I'm gathering ideas for her. Thanks for the inspiration!