January 28, 2009

happy little green tea chocolate chip cupcakes

 i made these cupcakes for my friend who loves green tea! i used the green tea cupcake recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World . i so love this book! i added chocolate chips and drizzled the tops of the cupcakes with chocolate which technically made the cupcake unvegan. these cupcakes were really rich and had a strong green tea taste which i love but many people are not a fan of.  the green tea and chocolate combo was so yummy!

sweet and delicious

more cute cupcakes...

valentines cupcakes! made with the same type of "hostess" cupcakes... decorated with love.

put candy melts in a plastic piping bag and microwave at 50% heat for 20 second intervals until melted.

pretty v-day colors!

print out image or draw, cover image with wax paper, trace image with candy melts

after image cools apply to cupcake!

happy little homemade "hostess" cupcakes

homemade "hostess"cupcakes!
bake some chocolate cupcakes

squirt some frosting in the middle of each cupcake 

cover the top of the cupcake with melted chocolate. 

smooth the chocolate on the top.

make a little squiggle with candy melts

i used baker's dipping chocolate for the tops and candy decorating pens for the squiggle.

here's the inside!

January 17, 2009

happy little cupcake spatula!

something to start with...

maybe i will use these this weekend to make some cupcakes. until then, check out all my other cupcake pics