March 21, 2009

happy and... not so happy carrot cupcakes

these cute little carrot cupcakes made everyone happy however, there was a sad little batch of cupcakes i made before these that did not make the cut.

but first... look at this cute apron i wore for this cupcake adventure! my mother-in-law surprised me with it a few weeks ago! it matches the cute tea-towels i received for christmas.

so anyway, i wanted  to make some chocolate carrot cupcakes. this recipe looked interesting because it was vegan and it used whole wheat flour. 

as soon as i started to mix the batter together, i knew there was little hope for these cupcakes. they just smelled kind of funky. however, i still finished the project and baked them up. they turned out gross. they were really dense and had the flavor of what i imagine cinnamon mud tastes like. 

after my cupcake disaster, i opted for a little easier, fail proof choice. i used a cake mix.  i used the recipe on the side of the duncan hines spice cake mix and made the old fashioned applesauce spice cake. I added some nuts and carrots in the batter to turn it into carrot cupcakes. 

these came out good! i topped them off with some cream cheese frosting and candy coated walnuts. 

i also added a few of carrots made out of fondant.

my husband took the cupcakes to work with him to share :) 
i still really want to try a successful chocolate carrot cake recipe. does anyone have suggestions?