April 11, 2009

happy little flower cupcakes

lemon cupcakes with whipped frosting and pretty little flowers.

here's how i decorated them... 4 bowls of colored sugar sprinkles

just roll the edge of the cupcake into the sprinkles

opps! careful not to drop the cupcakes like i did!

i love these spring colors!

carefully add a few colored sprinkles to make the flowers.

all packed up and ready to go to my husbands work!

have a great easter!

April 9, 2009

happy little chocolate banana easter egg cupcakes

i know these little cupcakes are not very creative but they taste good! i actually had a more elaborate decorating plan for these however, my first attempt at easter egg cupcakes was a bummer and i was no longer in the mood for fancy shimancy decorating. 

i used a cake box for these cupcakes (pillsbury chocolate i think) except instead of the 3 eggs the recipe called for, i put in one mashed banana and 1 tablespoon of flax and then...meka leka hi meka hiney ho... chocolate banana cupcakes! 

this was my first time trying out an egg replacement on a cake mix and i was pleasantly surprised at how puffy they baked.

i decorated them using the homemade 'hostess' cupcake technique and topped them off with some m&m chocolate eggs.

before my chocolate banana cupcake creation i planned to make these little egg cakes with this wilton egg mold.

i wanted to decorate these with powder sugar and fondant and put them on top of the cupcakes. wouldn't that of been cute? they did not come out looking too hot. the other side of the eggs look even worse! the cake fell and all the eggs looked sunken. 

i guess i could try again before sunday but i'm kinda over the idea now. any other cute spring cupcake designs you can recommend? 

April 4, 2009

happy little birthday month!!

april is pretty much the best month of the year! april 1st was my birthday.... and in my family we celebrate birthday month! birthday month rocks! today my husband made pancakes for breakfast and he is going to yoga with me this afternoon... because it's my birthday month! 

so i  received some awesome gifts for my birthday! i got this cute little cupcake tea towel from my mother in law. she always manages to find the cutest little cupcake goodies!

my sister in law gave me this great cupcake stand! i've always wanted this cupcake stand but it's one of those items that you can't really justify buying for yourself but would love and adore as a gift so i was soooo excited to get it for my birthday!
when i got home from work on my birthday, this little flower bouquet was waiting for me on my door step! it was from my two super sweet sisters (i'm actually an only child but my best friend, her 4 sisters and i are all like family so we call each other sisters).

i was so excited  to get flowers from them (especially since one of them moved to cabo a few months ago and i miss her too much) but i was confused about the flower arrangement. why would they send me a bouquet in the shape of a triangle? after 3-4 hours of staring at this thing i realized what it was supposed to be!  can you guess by the picture?

it's a slice of cake! even though the florist is not as talented as this one, i thought this was the most thoughtful choice of flower arrangements ever and love them so much for it!
to top off my wonderful birthday, my husband and i picked up a couple slices of cake from the city deli by our house (i was gonna get a cupcake but they didn't look so hot). black forest and lemon coconut cake. yum.