December 21, 2009

happy little vegan chocolate chip cookies... with coconut and cranberries

these are my all time favorite chocolate chip cookies!! i love making and eating these cookies. the recipe is from recipe adapted from vegan a go-go!, by sarah kramer, 2008, arsenal pulp press . they taste a little different than your typical chocolate chip cookie and might not be everyone's favorite...but there is something about the way they taste that makes me happy. 

i tripled the recipe and added in about 1 1/2 cups of dried cranberries. i'm not sure how many cookies i made but i'm guessing around 4-5 dozen... 3 plates of cookies piled high (1 plate is misisng from the picture).

did i mention how much i love these cookies?  well, i love them even more when they are cupcaked ! 

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