December 23, 2009

happy little sprtiz cookies

i found a wilton cookie press on sale at target and thought it would be fun to use. the last time I used a cookie press i was about 10 years old and I remember thinking it was so fun! ummm, not so much thinking that now. I think the temperature and consistency of my dough was off cause these little buggers were hard to make! They took a long time and were defiantly more difficult than this lady makes it look, but they sure are cute and festive.

okay, so I used this recipe and substituted salted butter instead of shortening. I think using the butter made the cookies taste much more salty than intended. if these were the only cookies I tasted then I would think, “not sweet enough!” but since I made so many other super sweet cookies, these were a good balance. After the first batch I added lots more sprinkles to the cookies for some extra sweetness.

If I have time I’ll try these again with the shortening… unless any of you have a better, super awesome sprtiz cookie recipe you can share with me? 

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  1. merry christmas! thanks for stopping by my blog! we also subbed butter for shortening, but the non-salted kind. so we had to keep the dough in the freezer until we were ready to work with it because it got soft quite easily.