May 11, 2009

happy little star trek cake

i made this cake in october for my husband's friend. apparently he's a big star trek fan. it's definitely not as cute as a cupcake but i thought i would post it in honor of the new star trek movie.  i  haven't seen it but was thinking about watching it this week. have you seen it? whatdaya think?

inside is chocolate, chocolate chip cake. outside is covered with marshmallow fondant. i haven't made very many cakes (why would i when i could be making cupcakes instead!) but this one was fun.  
this design would make really cute cupcakes too! maybe for his next birthday....


  1. I love the cake, and the card just puts it over the top! :)

  2. heehee! great card, and super shiny cake!

  3. it's cool, i like the cake :)