May 9, 2009

happy little cupcake party

there was a cupcake party. so i got to work....

vegan peanut butter cupcakes
recipe from vegan cupcakes take over the world.
these were good but i could definitely taste the apple cider vinegar and it was kind of a strong taste.

chocolate ice cream cone cupcakes filled with whipped vanilla frosting 
my mom used to make these for me when i was a kid. i would take them to school on my birthday and feel super cool. i'm pretty sure i have been wanting to make these ever since 6th grade.

i used a skewer to poke a hole all the way down to the bottom of the cone. then used a pastry bag to fill it up with frosting.  my husband packed them up very carefully...

rainbow cupcakes...

these were made with a cake mix. they were fun to make. i used the- batter in the ziplock bag- method. i only did three colors because i ran out of batter. so i guess you would need combine 2 or 3 cake mixes to make enough batter for all the rainbow colors. 

chocolate cupcakes with whipped vanilla pudding frosting
decorated with marshmallows and sprinkles. to make the frosting i tried this whipped topping mix in a box.  you add milk and instant pudding  and whip for a long time. i found the mix at some random store and had it hanging around for awhile. the frosting definitely tasted like pudding but it was light and fluffy which i like.

cupcake parties are fun.


  1. Wow!! Everything looks so yummy!!

  2. oh wow! i wanna go to a cupcake party!!!
    those look wonderful :)

  3. Wow, adorable cupcakes! I love all of them! Not sure which one looks tastier!

  4. nice colors........having a blog only for cupcakes is awesome!!!