June 20, 2009

happy little summer vacation cupcakes

this week was the last week of school...aka last week of work! now i have the whole summer to bake cupcakes!  this school year was a stressful one and i am really looking forward to a break. to celebrate my husband decided to throw a party for me in our tiny little house. he gave me a day notice so i whipped up some quick and easy cupcakes. i was in a rush and didn't take a lot of fancy shmancy pictures but, i remembered to snap a couple shots just before they were eaten!

chocolate pink sprinkle cupcakes filled with cream cheese frosting 

green tea cupcakes filled with lemon curd
these were my favorite! i adapted an easy cake mix recipe found at kirbi cravings

green tea cupcakes and mini chocolate cupcakes

cupcake kabobs inspired by cupcakes take the cake

these were super cute and so fun to make! it's really hard to see in the pictures, but the bottom layer of kabobs have mini chocolate and mini pink cupcakes. 

i love these... the cupcake kabob combinations are endless! i will definitely be making more of these this summer. 

other fun plans/goals/ideas for the summer:
  • purchase our first house
  • make some monkey cupcakes for my nephew's birthday
  • move into the super wonderful house i buy
  • read lots of books
  • visit my best friend in cabo
  • make some pumpkin cupcakes for jack
  • learn how to paint the inside walls of a house
  • paint the inside of  my new house
  • bake these vegan black bean brownies 
  • lots of yoga 
  • organize my cupcake/cake decorating stuff
  • get a dog
  • eat blueberries 
summer is the best


  1. I love the cupcake kabobs!!! So cute!

  2. Thank you for following my Found in Japan blog.
    Your cupcakes are beautiful! I love the pink ones in the header.

  3. That for visiting my blog! I love the kebobs ~ great idea!

  4. kababs is such a wonderful idea!!!!

  5. These are beautiful summer desserts. I especially love the design of the green tea cupcakes. And the flavor pairing just sounds delicious.