April 11, 2009

happy little flower cupcakes

lemon cupcakes with whipped frosting and pretty little flowers.

here's how i decorated them... 4 bowls of colored sugar sprinkles

just roll the edge of the cupcake into the sprinkles

opps! careful not to drop the cupcakes like i did!

i love these spring colors!

carefully add a few colored sprinkles to make the flowers.

all packed up and ready to go to my husbands work!

have a great easter!


  1. What pretty Easter cupcakes! I do love the coloured sugar too, so effective! I really like the chocolate banana ones you made too, speckled eggs are so cute aren't they!?
    Hope you have a happy and safe Easter weekend! :)

  2. these are darn cute and yummy looking!!i adore lemon cupcakes... mmmmm...

  3. very cute. I'm guessing your husband's coworkers look forward to your treats.